terça-feira, 31 de outubro de 2017

Trier - The birthplace of Karl Marx

We continue trip to Trier, historical city and the oldest one of Germany. It is located in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, near the border with Luxembourg.

It has a very rich architecture and ancient Roman ruins like Porta Nigra. This portal of the city was so called because of the stones darkened with the passage of time. This is the oldest defense structure in Germany, dating back to the 3rd century. It is impressive by its size, 36 meters long, 21.5 meters wide and 30 meters high. Its structure is composed of large blocks of stone not bearing mortar!

Trier is the birthplace of Karl Marx. Son of parents of Jewish ancestry, he studied law and philosophy in Bonn and Berlin. In 2016 it would be 198 years. The visit to the Karl Marx museum, created in his residence, is fundamental to realize in loco the Marxist ideology. It is an inescapable name of universal history.

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