quarta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2017

Cochem - A charming town in the Mosel river

Following to the small and seductive town of Cochem. As we round a hill we discover the charming imperial castle that reveals all its magic and splendor!

Cochem is lively and colorful and its houses, with the wooden structure visible from the outside, leave a typical mark of this zone of Germany.

In the busiest street of this city we can find the bustle of the local commerce and we are captivated by the aroma of the varied German pastry, being irresistible to taste the typical Berliner (a Doughnut) with strawberry jam.

The Moselle River invites to a cruise that dazzles us by the landscape in which the green of the vines in the cliffs that surround the river accompany us during the whole route. It is interesting to see how the grapes are taken from the hills. Several lifts outline the landscape and carry baskets full with grapes.

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