quarta-feira, 30 de abril de 2014

Havana, Cuba

Old Havana in the heat of the city, holds a beauty between Baroque and neoclassic style. With many building restored, Old Havana transport us to the colonial times. Catedral de San Cristóbal is the highlight of the Plaza Vieja, built with coral rock, you can still see marine fossil in the walls, a must see.

Plaza de la Revolución is the place of large gatherings with speeches from Fidel Castro to commemorations of Workers’ Day. In the center of the square we find a Jose Martí Memorial.  In the opposite side we can see the building of Ministry of Interior with the famous saying “Hasta la Victoria Siempre” and the face of legendary Che Guevara.

We can also find the National Capitol, similar to the Capitol in Washigton DC, but is only similar in the exterior. Is a neoclassical bealding with inspirations in the Panthéon in Paris.

For the original taste of the famous drinks from Cuba, you must go to Bodeguita del Medio, for the Mojitos, a place where Ernest Hemingway was a frequent client. For the daiquiris go to Floridita, an upscale bar famous for this special drink.

segunda-feira, 28 de abril de 2014

Pinar del Río, Cuba

The westernmost province contains the tallest mountain rage in Cuba, formed by Limestone, who makes us wonder the similarity with the Vietnam hills! 

We can also find this painted hill that illustrates the evolution of species since dinosaurs, a pre-historic narration that just looks amazing with bright colors and the right weather. 

This area is known for the production of 70% of tobacco in the entire island. We can see in our trip many farms with shelters, with tobacco leaves drying until being with the perfect conditions to be rolled.

The hills are dotted with caves where, during the Cuban missile crisis, Che Guevara and his men’s make headquarters and dormitories. 

 Photos: Natacha Brigham

quinta-feira, 24 de abril de 2014

Varadero, Cuba

This resort town with beautiful beaches that extend for more than 20 km. The combination between the white sand and the bright blue of the water make Varadero the jewel in Cuban tourism. 
Varadero is located in a spit of land with beaches in the both sides. The resorts have mainly 5* or 4, is a great way to spend your stay here.
Beside the tourist attraction, you can enjoy the sympathy of Cuban people, surprisingly prices are not that high as you would expect.

terça-feira, 22 de abril de 2014

Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba

This island located in an archipelago, north of Cuba is the heaven for all the beach lovers, white sand, bright baby blue Ocean and a strong Caribbean Sun. To get there we must pass to several bridges that go island to island, similar to Key West.

The Island is famous for is all inclusive resorts, so if you want to enjoy the tourist life, now is the time. Resorts with a vast variety of resources.  Quality food, various cocktails and a 5 star service, the best hotels in Cuba only comparable to Varadero.

In the entrance to the archipelago we have a rural environment. There you can buy cheaper souvenirs, and a coconut water for less than 0.50$.