quarta-feira, 23 de julho de 2014

Honfleur – Fresh Seafood in the French way

Constructed around is port, is still today a port of fishing and marine. Birthplace of the famous painter Eugéne Boudim, one of the most important precursors of impressionism. Painters, writers and musicians find in this region inspiration to their artistic skills.

Today the place is filled with restaurants, with outside accommodations who invite you to taste a tasty fresh fish or seafood.

At the Saturday’s the local market at open air, has to offer a true experience of a gourmet picnic, where we can find easily cheeses with intense flavors and the local cider.

 In the city center we find Saint Catherine church, built in wood in 15th century, with ship builders. Is roof makes us compare it with the hull of a ship turned upside down.

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