quarta-feira, 30 de julho de 2014

Caen – A Museum so we cannot forget

We continue our journey in Normandy to the town of Caen. Here we can find the Caen-Normandy Memorial, a museum with permanent exhibitions of the Disembark of the allies’ troops, as well as a narration of the Second World War.

20,000 inhabitants of Normandy were killed, that is a third of all French civilians killed during the Second World War. Towns were razed to the ground in mass bomb attacks, battles as fierce as those on the Eastern front raged, civilians underwent terrible suffering and many were evacuated, the German army fled and was pursued.

The Museum also has a Cold War exhibition, where we can see pop corn machine´s and a neon advert in the West, a single-frequency radio and a Communist Party card in the East… This is an impressionistic way of evoking the collision of two worlds, daily life and propaganda, but also protest and repression.

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