segunda-feira, 14 de abril de 2014

Trinidad, Cuba

The beaches here are amazing with clear water and the whitest sand. The people are very friendly, and a place where the sun only let us to do things slow.

The city was known by is sugar trade, but this UNESCO beauty has much more to offer, the architecture, the colors, and the antique cars will make us stay more time.

Near Trinidad we can find the Manaca-Iznaga Tower,who purpose was a  watchtower against fires, storms and runaway slaves. The tower gives us a view of Valle de los Ingenios, a valley full of sugar mills.

Photos: Natacha Brigham

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  1. This tower is so beautiful! And those views over the hills with sun shining high, amazing! Love your photos :)

    1. Thanks Catherine! This zone is a must see if you want to see Cuba in a deeper way :)