quarta-feira, 3 de agosto de 2016

Etna, Sicily - The volcanic force of nature

Continuing trip to north heading to Sicily. In Catania we have the gateway to the largest active volcano in Europe: Etna.

Through green fields and peculiar mountains, the road as it meanders to reach Mount Etna Crateri Silvestri, at about 1950m from the sea level. On the way there are many traces of ash and lava scattered everywhere. There are houses destroyed, covered by the fury of the volcano, leaving a trail of pain and sorrow for those who had to leave home and leave it to the great master of the mountain: Mount Etna.

There is a huge amount of cones and craters formed by the hardened lava and the multicolored mountains of various browns, blacks and grays contrast with the green and yellow foliage. The destruction of the volcanic eruption brings parallel fertilization for all mountain and vegetation grows rapidly!

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