terça-feira, 19 de julho de 2016

Menorca, Spain - An enchanted island hidden in the Mediterranean

Menorca is one of the best kept treasures of the Mediterranean, from the outset by its natural harbor, the second largest in the world after Pearl Harbour.

Menorca is particularly stunning. It is a small island that invites you to discover each part. It is no coincidence that famous personalities chose to build here their holiday homes!

Menorca has a magic that you need to visit to feel it. At each step we discover new havens, but the fascination comes mainly from white sand beaches and the waters of a deep turquoise, surrounded by green vegetation. It's tempting to get into the warm and clear waters and then spend beautiful moments.

Visit to Mahon is recommended as the passage by Fornells, an old fishing village located in a natural harbor with about 4km long and 2km wide. In the old town there are the whitewashed houses and the church dedicated to St. Anthony, built in the year 1650.

At the beginning of the harbor is the tower defense and La Mola which has an ecosystem with great ecological value. Very famous is also its gastronomy, like fish and seafood. The main specialty is the "Caldereta Langosta", which accompanied by a good wine in this idyllic setting, leave memories for a long time...

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