terça-feira, 7 de junho de 2016

Beijing, China - The Great Wall and the Ming Tombs

When we enter the proximities of Beijing, a fog rises, hiding for moments a monument who can be seen from space, the Great Wall of China. The wall have nearly 8.850 km distance and had a important role in regulating the Silk Road, protecting the people of China from invasion and control the emigration and immigration. 

It is a wonderful feeling to experience the huge monument, a experience to try at least one time in our lifetime!

Then we go on to visit the Ming tombs, a group of mausoleums for the emperors of the Ming dynasty. The place was chosen for his untouchable nature, with rivers and mountains, the ideal an peaceful ambient for burring the dead.

There are thirteen tombs on this site, and only one have been excavated, and was found a lot of treasures from porcelain to silk items. So this area still holds  many mysteries. 

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