quarta-feira, 11 de maio de 2016

Trans-Siberian - Inside the Train

So we say goodbye to our train Zarengold by Lernidee Train and Cruises, who brought us from Moscow to the Mongolia-China border.

A 5* star service with comfortable cabins, friendly and useful staff and restaurants with delicious food.

We were lucky to try 2 different compartments, Superior and Bolshoi. The Superior compartment we find 2 beds in the opposite sides of the cabin. We have some room to store our luggage under the beds and in the top of the cabin door. Waiting for us were some Russian candy and Vodka, Nah zda-rovh-yeh! (Cheers in Russian).

The Bolshoi compartment has 2 beds, one on the top and other at the bottom who is larger on the sides. You can find a lot of space to store your luggage, and they even you bed in a sofa in the day, with another small sofa with a table in front. There you can also find a TV and DVD player to see your movies or hear your music.

This cabin has access to a shower with hydro massage and a sink. In the front an in the back of every wagon you will have a bathroom.

The staff were incredible, from the people who took care of our cabin, to the guides and directors who make sure everyone had a good time. We can really see the true sympathy of everyone when we needed something.
Throughout the train we can see luxurious decoration you reminds us of the Soviet Era.

That decorations expands to the restaurants, were we can try different food from the Russian cosine but also some European classic and delicious dishes, in the next post we will see more about that...

Special thanks to Lernidee Trains & Cruises

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