quarta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2015

Krasnoyarsk, Russia – The secret city in Siberia

As famous writer Anton Chekhov said, the most beautiful city in Siberia, and you can imagine why he said that, with the amazing landscapes we can find there.

The Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel who is featuring in the notes of 10 rubles, have importance to Russia culture. The Chapel watches over the city in the top of the hill, when in ancient times, the location was used to prevent attacks. 

We passed the Yenisey River in a pedestrian bridge; there we can really feel the vast space that Siberia has to offer. The temperatures here can reach the 30ºC in the summer and the -40ºC in the winter, huge amplitude that can be difficult to handle sometimes.

We say goodbye to this city, by arriving to the train station, once again the distinct green can be seen in the roof of many public and emblematic buildings, what a great way to end our visit to the city.

Special thanks to Lernidee Trains & Cruises

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