segunda-feira, 23 de novembro de 2015

Kazan, Russia - Cathedrals and Mosques

Considered the "Third Capital of Russia", Kazan shows a mixture of people, religions and cultures with Russian and Tartar populations and peacefully blends the Muslim and Christian cultures.

Kazan Kremlin, with the white walls holds inside a the amazing Kul-Sharif Mosque, with the blue dome and a style that remind us the Mosques in the Arab Emirates, with the use also of bright white and golden finishes.

And showing the religion harmony the Annunciation Cathedral also in blue, white and gold. 

Kazan is has very open views, we get lucky with the weather, and the Volga River with clear sky can make the visit experience unforgettable.

Special thanks to Lernidee Trains & Cruises

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